Big American Smokeout 2017

Guess what? Today’s the third Thursday of the month. And it’s not any Thursday. It’s the Big American Smokeout. What is this event you may ask?  It’s an event that originated back in America in 1977 by the American Cancer Society.  Since it’s inception, its grown to be a worldwide event. The goal of today is to get smokers either to make a plan to stop smoking or to challenge them to stop smoking for a day.  These may be small steps, but this could help people take control and enable them to go smoke free for good.

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Should Companies Give Non-Smokers Extra Days Off?

Ever heard of the “Hawthorn effect”? Aimed at the improving the production in workers, not many had heard of this term outside the world of psychology.

Workers conditions were changed. Such as working hours, lighting, breaks and more. Due to the changes implemented, the productivity of factory staff improved, and absenteeism was cut dramatically.

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Our Stress Management Programme

During past twelve months we have been surprised by the increase in clients looking for help to deal with stress, anxiety and insomnia. Some have become regular clients who stopped smoking and fell in love with the laser and others by word of mouth. There has also been an enormous increase in people visiting our website to request information and ask how our programme can help them so I thought a short blog explaining the benefits of The Anne Penman Laser Stress and relaxation programme might help you understand how modern technology is for dealing with life’s challenges.

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Stress and Weight Gain

Imagine living in a world full of predators. You’re walking along and suddenly a saber-toothed tiger is directly in front of you. What do you do?

Without your fight or flight system, you’d probably do nothing. You wouldn’t know to run away and even if you did, you’d have nothing helping you; much like getting into a fight but being unable to use your strength or respond quickly enough.

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