What Are IQOS?

A Canadian tobacco firm has launched a new product; a smokeless cigarette. One of the world’s largest Tobacco firm, Toronto based Philip Morris International (PMI), say their latest innovation is less harmful than other tobacco products. Critics are saying it’s just a ploy to increase and maintain sales in an ever-dwindling market place.

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The product called IQOS is a heat-not-burn product that reduces carcinogenic components found in regular cigarettes. The company are committed to reducing the rate of smoking to less than 5% by 2035 by introducing smoke free products like the IQOS.

The medical advisor for PMI, Mikael Franzon, said that if you stop the smoke and combustion in a tobacco product which still meets the needs of adult smokers, you’re going to see less of an impact

“Because it is actually heated and not burned, the tobacco rod is intact after you have used it and it lasts six minutes or 14 puffs, whatever comes first,” said Franzon.

He goes on to say that you’ll still find the same levels of nicotine in the IQOS but maintaining that it has less than 90% of the harmful toxins you find in regular cigarettes.

Rob Cunningham says to take what they say with a pinch of salt as they are double bluffing. Saying they want to reduce smoking consumption in the Canadian population but they’re trying to block progressive legislation such as voting again plain cigarette packaging and higher tobacco taxes.

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IQOS began selling in British Columbia late last year and have expanded to include Quebec Ontario and Alberta. The product is sold in over 20 countries and it’s looking to expand to the US too but need to seek approval from the FDA.

At Anne Penman, we see this as a blatant attempt of tobacco firms holding onto custom with every grip. We don’t really think tobacco firms care about the health of their customers. Firms only care about profit and we think they’re diversifying their product portfolio to keep them current in the ever-dying tobacco market.

There has been research carried out my JAMA Internal Medicine from Switzerland who has in fact found IQOS produces higher concentrations of carcinogenic chemicals than some conventional cigarettes.

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