Hookah Smoking No Longer Safer Than Tobacco According To New Study

Hookah smoking is a popular past time for many people In the states and across the pond in the UK.  Research in the US have discovered a dangerous chemical called acolein that in high levels can cause heart disease and cancer. People who smoke hookah can be exposed to it.

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Some know about the dangers of hookah, some don’t, and it’s become more popular in recent years due to the sweet flavoured tobacco and that is appealing to young adults and even teenagers.  Hookah smoke is created by the heating of hookah tobacco while the sweet taste happens due to the tobacco being fermented with molasses and fruits. It’s then passed through a water jar that is then inhaled. There are hookah bars around that as previously said, have become more and more popular.

Looking at the potential dangers, a team from San Diego University looked at levels of 3-HMPA in people who attended indoor hookah events. 3-HPMA is the by-product of burning hookah tobacco. The team analysed urine samples that were taken from hookah smokers and non-hookah smokers (but were exposed to second hand smoke), around 200 samples in all.  Comparisons were made the morning of the event and morning after. 3-HMPA was found to be 1.5 times higher in people smoking hookah and those exposed to it through 2nd hand smoke.

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Lead researcher Nada Kassem said that the levels were even higher for people smoking hookah daily. The evidence suggests that smoking hookah isn’t a safe alternative to smoking tobacco.

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