Tobacco Use Jumps 80% In Top-Grossing Movies

In a recent report, there has been an 80% increase of tobacco incidents in top grossing movies between 2015 and 2016. Public health officials are raising concerns that this could have an effect on the behaviour of young people’s smoking habits. This could also determine the behaviour of other adults who are trying to quit smoking as it promotes smoking in a glamorised way. Furthermore, it’s concern as the movies are a place ex-smokers go as it’s a place where you can’t smoke, so it could influence them too.

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The author of the report, Michael Tynan, says that the more smoking scenes that people are exposed to, the more you’re likely to take up smoking, especially in young people. He goes on to say,  movies take away the risk factors that arise when smoking cigarettes.

The report goes on to detail that there was a decline in tobacco use in movies between 2005 to 2010 but in the years following up to 2016 there were over 3000 tobacco incidents in nearly 150 movies.

Looking at PG rated movies, 26% of these films featured tobacco incidents in 2016 while 67% of R rated movies in 2016 showed movie stars using tobacco.

The worrying trend was the increase in smoking incidents in movies between 2010 and 2016 when in actual fact you would think it would decline. A 72% increase between 2010 and 2016. It shows that movies have the capability to stop tobacco incidents in films not just in youth movies but adult ones too but have decided to stop caring it looks like.

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One of the study authors and a tobacco control professor at the University of California, Stanton Gantz says that there should be R rating on any movie that contains tobacco use to raise awareness about smoking in movies and the effects it can have on young people and ex-smokers in general.

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