My Latest Adventure

June was an inspiring month for me, and the highlight was a trip to Fort Worth Texas to the latest Anne Penman location to provide training in the new Holistic Laser Center just opened by Jayme and Dustin Haney.  The center is beautiful, and the staff are caring and professional.

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I got to stay with the Haney’s on their Alpaca Farm which was a fantastic experience. Alpacas are amazing animals, beautiful and very relaxing to be around.

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I also got to spend time with Jayme, without a doubt, the strongest and most inspirational woman I have ever met. She is a wife, busy Mom, successful business owner, Alpaca Farmer and cancer warrior who tackles everything with humor and determination.

I’ve have had the pleasure of knowing other inspirational women too. Sharing the story of Marion and Roslyn’s story is something I feel is relevant here too.

Marion, one of our Anne Penman success stories in Glasgow is celebrating victory over lung cancer. She successfully stopped smoking with our programme just over a year ago and then the earlier this year was diagnosed with cancer.  Here is her own story…

“The last 12 weeks have been the toughest 12 weeks of my life.  I was in and out of hospital having tests, tests, & more tests, then told I had cancer, not one type of cancer but three different cancers. It was heartbreaking I almost gave up.!!! But you can’t do that…. then after my pet scan was, I was told the there was no cancer in my kidney or neck.  I went into the hospital, and they took away 7/8ths of my left lung, they took away 7/8ths of my left lung and yesterday got a call from the hospital to tell me I am clinically cancer free. I am so happy I’m over the moon.  I would like to thank all the doctors, nurses and staff who cared for me and tell anyone out there reading this. ”

Another one of your success stories from Glasgow who is happy to share her personal experience.

“After a very close call with my life, I made the decision to stop smoking.  One visit for Laser Therapy turned my life around.

The close call had a 3 HOUR window before death! I thought of the things I wouldn’t see our two yr old granddaughter do as she grew up and the as yet unknown children who would fill my life with joy.

My need for nicotine no longer figures in my life, and my husband and I are grandparents to three of the most fascinating and fulfilling small people imaginable!

I have not smoked since then. My sixty a day habit is not missed at all.

My heart is damaged, but I feel very much better now that I can breathe again!

Anne’s therapy programme works, and the effects are immediate. You have everything to gain from taking part; it gave me back my life.

From the first treatment, I have never felt the need for a cigarette.”

These brave and feisty women all have fabulous fun personalities and a huge desire to share their story to help others.   They make me more determined than ever to find more caring, compassionate people who are looking for a career where you can not only earn money, but you can make a real difference and help change as many lives as possible.

If you’re a person looking to make a meaningful change to someone’s life then sign for the Anne Penman Laser Therapy Training. We help people fight nicotine addiction, weight loss and stress management.  Find out more here.

Please stay up to date on the blog or get in contact online. Alternatively please call on  + 1 (757) 927 2687.

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