Third Hand Smoke

You might be the kind of person to very much aware the causes of 2nd hand smoke.  You may decide to wave the smoke away and move away from it and think to yourself that you’re away from the toxic smoke. You may even be the kind of person who only uses second hand smoke to keep midges away. Except it’s likely that you’re not. You’re now entering the world of thirdhand smoking.

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You might be abroad somewhere, where they still allow ‘smoking floors.’ It might be smell pretty bad to be honest. This is where third hand smoke is present. In the carpet you walk on, in the curtains, in the drapes and in the bedsheets.

According to a recent research paper, early exposure to third hand smoke effects the body mass and immune system in mice. It says that new born mice who’re exposed to 3rd hand smoke found in fabrics weighed significantly less than mice who weren’t. Furthermore, changes to the blood cell count which is related to the immune system meant they were susceptible to allergic reactions and other inflammatory infections while exposed to 3rd hand smoke.  This ground-breaking researching can apply to us too, the research team reveals.

The paper goes on to suggest that babies and toddlers were more at risk than other groups to come into contact with 3rd hand smoke due contaminated surfaces such as crawling on carpets.

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A paper by the Respiratory Health Association says even with deep cleaning, all nicotine particles can remain present for months and beyond since anyone has smoked in a residence. It goes on to say, changing furnishings and carpets might be the only way to fully get rid of harmful 3rd hand smoking.

At Anne Penman, we can help eliminate smoking all together with our Stop Smoking Programme.  Through three stages which include laser therapy, counselling and continued support once the treatment is over, you’ll be able to go smoke free with the help of Anne Penman.

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The laser therapy will help  you to feel calm, stay in control and detox successfully from nicotine withdrawal. During the initial session, we will ask you questions on such things like where you smoke, why you smoke and other lifestyle questions. This will help us create a plan tailored to help you finally kick the nicotine addiction. Furthermore, we’ll never be far away. Our team of dedicated experts are only a phone call away, where we’ll be able to advise on anything to help you get through withdrawal once the laser therapy is over.

Please keep up to date on the Anne Penman blog and get in contact where we can get you on the road to go smoke free.

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