World No Tobacco Day

World No Tobacco Day takes place on the 31st of May 2017. World No Tobacco Day will indicate the threats that the tobacco industry poses the world in terms of the development, health and economies of societies.

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The whole ethos of No Tobacco Day is to put forward measures that governments and society, in general, should adopt to preserve and promote health and development by tackling the tobacco crisis head on. At Anne Penman, we support this as we strive to help our clients with our Stop Smoking Programme. We are passionate about helping people, that’s why we would love to find someone to help with clinical research too.

We don’t just help smokers worldwide, we train laser therapists to become fully qualified in laser therapy with our Laser Therapy Training.

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I have been practising as a laser therapist since 1991, and although we have helped thousands quit smoking, laser therapy is still a relatively unknown method so I am always grateful when our clients are willing to go public and share their personal quit story in newspapers, magazines, videos and via social media.

We had an article in the Daily Record back in 1992, and since then the majority of our clients in Scotland come to us via word of mouth, so many people even here in Glasgow have never heard of the treatment.

Special thanks to Marion who has been promoting our treatment since she quit and for now sharing her personal story to help and inspire others.

Please view her Daily Record article below:

Please stay up to date on the Anne Penman blog or get in contact if you want help to go smoke free.

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