E Cigarette Firms Fined In Australia

Since the introduction of e-cigarettes across the world, vaping has been seen as a safe alternative to smoking cigarettes. The thing is we still don’t know whether vaping is as safe as experts say. According to US Surgeon General, Vivek Murthy, he claims that cigarettes are unsafe and are a major public health concern.

Now, in new developments, Australian competition regulators have become the first agency in the world to take action against e-cigarette companies for misleading and false statements about carcinogens in the products they sell.

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The legal action against Elusion Australia Ltd, Social-Lites Pty Ltd and The Joystick Company Pty Ltd include fines and penalties for breaching the customer law in the country.

The court heard that the companies had been misleading consumers by claiming that their e-cigarettes didn’t contain toxins and harmful carcinogens.

In total the organisations have been ordered to pay penalties totalling £65,000.  This includes the directors who have been fined separately for their part in the deception.

The case was brought to light when it was identified on the company websites that it made false statements which led purchasers to firmly believe that purchasing their e-cigarettes wouldn’t make them exposed to chemicals found in normal cigarettes.

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Independent testing found carcinogens and chemicals such as acrolein, formaldehyde and acetaldehyde in their smoking products. These toxins can cause cancer as well as being toxic according to the World Health Organisation International Agency for Research.

Dr Becky Freeman of the University of Sydney, a tobacco control researcher has said that many people have the firm belief that e-cigarette firm are complete separate entities to tobacco firms when in fact were owned by these conglomerate organisations.

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