Frequently Asked Questions for Weight Loss

How am I going to lose weight with Anne Penman Laser Therapy?

Anne Penman Laser Therapy offers a programme resulting in a safe, painless, easy way to help you lose weight using the latest modern technology. The Anne Penman Weight Loss Programme will help you:

Make lifestyle changes
Eat a healthier diet
Control your desire for many tempting foods
Get motivated
How many laser therapy sessions will I need to reach my goal?

One month’s weight loss programme consists of 4 weekly sessions. We believe it takes a minimum of 28 days to help your body adjust to different eating patterns. Weight loss programme is sold as 1 to 6 months packages. The duration of the whole programme is designed according to the individual needs and weight loss goal.

Is laser therapy painful?

No. The laser treatment is safe, non-invasive, drug-free and painless. It involves the application of a cold, soft laser beam that targets specific energy points located on the hands, ears, nose and wrists, below the knee and on the feet.

What sort of clothes should I wear for the laser therapy?

We treat points on your lower legs and feet so pants or jogging pants are suggested. You can wear anything you feel comfortable in.

Do I need to remove any clothing?

No, we only ask you to take off your watch, earrings, bracelets and shoes.

Do I have to have an appointment?

Yes, it is a good idea to have one but we also accept walk-in clients.

Can I bring my children?

We do not recommend you bring your children. The technician and you are the only two people in the treatment room and, unfortunately, we do not have child care facilities.

Can I keep my mobile phone on during the therapy session?

No. It is important for the success of the session to receive your concentration fully. We do not allow mobile phones in the session rooms. You can switch it off or hand it over to our receptionist.

Can your programme be used with other methods?

Yes. Anne Penman Weight Loss Programme is a unique programme that helps you in every aspect of weight loss. However, if you want to use other methods with ours there is nothing preventing this.

Is Anne Penman Laser Therapy a new method?

No. Anne Penman Laser Therapy was started in the UK in 1992. It is now available worldwide. It has helped thousands of people quit smoking, lose weight and manage stress

What is the difference between the Anne Penman Programme and other methods?

Anne Penman Weight Loss Programme helps you to keep your appetite under control, to detox, and to increase your metabolism. We provide psychological and nutritional support to further your success.

Is this method applicable to everyone? (What are the contraindications?)

The Anne Penman Weight Loss Programme cannot be used for those who are:

Under 18 years of age
Epilepsy patients (unless they have a letter from their doctor)

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