Success Stories for Stress Management

  • Gina
  • Glasgow
  • “I have been attending the Anne Penman center in Glasgow for almost 12 years for stress treatments. I had a friend who used the therapy to stop smoking and felt so good I wanted to try it for stress headaches. It helped me through lots of stressful situations in my life and I continue to go at least 8 weeks. I love the laser and the relaxed tranquil atmosphere. Thank you Anne”

  • George
  • Stirling
  • “I was referred to Anne Penman by our company nurse. I wasn’t sleeping well; I was grumpy and stressed but didn’t want to do anything about it. I went along for my first course and thought what a lot of nonsense BUT the laser makes me feel great, helps me sleep better and I am not as grumpy with the family. I am happy to recommend this therapy to anyone who has stress.”

  • Elizabeth J
  • Glasgow
  • “The laser for relaxation is wonderful. It really helps with pre-menstrual tension and stops me eating so much chocolate.”

  • Betty
  • Glasgow
  • “I went to Anne Penman for help when my daughter first left home. I was feeling really low and stressing about everything, The treatment was recommended to me by a friend who had successfully used it to stop smoking and said it made her feel great. I had a full course of treatment before I really felt better but now go every month for a session. It is like a massage without removing your clothes. It makes me feel great.”

  • Sam
  • Glasgow
  • “I was referred to the program by a friend. I went for stress management because of work related issues as I just wasn’t coping. I think the laser is good and I love the black chair in the treatment room.”

  • June M
  • As I am dealing with as long-term anxiety issue, I heard about and came to see Eileen.  I was hoping for a total cure or at least favorable positive results.  After six treatments, I was amazed at how much more calm I felt.  Because of a time constraint, I was unable to take additional treatments.  However, if possible I intend to continue treatments next spring. Eileen is personable, knowledgeable and competent.  I appreciate her dedication to improving my condition.  “It was great to have June tell me she is now sleeping through the night, something she hadn’t experienced in many years”

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