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The Harm Tobacco Smoke Can Do To Pets

The Harm Tobacco Smoke Can Do To Pets

15 June 2020

Anne Penman

The Harm Tobacco Smoke Can Do To Pets

We all worry about the effects of secondhand smoke in our families especially our children but many are not aware of the dangers to their beloved pets.

There was also a study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology reporting work done by a group of investigators headed by John S. Reif, a professor of environmental health at Colorado State University. His team looked at 51 dogs with lung cancer and 83 dogs with other cancers and found that dogs in households which contained smokers had a 60% higher risk of lung cancer.

Way back when Ron and I both smoked 3 packs a day each I dread to think the harm that it caused to our family and pets. We stopped smoking in early 1991 and I remember taking our two dogs Lucy and Mitzi to the vet for their annual inoculations in October. Our vet at the time was wonderful with animals but didn’t really talk much to owners so when she finished her examination and said I see you have stopped smoking I was thrilled and thought the giveaway sign must be the changes to our appearance so imagine my horror when she actually explained it was the first time she had examined our beloved pets and not had to extract smoking-related debris from their nostrils. The effects of second-hand smoke do not just affect dogs, second-hand smoke is exhaled or escapes into the air can be inhaled by non-smokers including pets. The residue from third-hand smoke remains on skin and fur. Both second and third-hand smoke can be referred to using the term “environmental tobacco smoke,” or ETS.

A study published in 2002 demonstrated a greatly increased risk of malignant lymphoma in cats. Cats with five or more years of exposure, the relative risk climbed to 3.2. In other words, these poor cats were more than three times as likely to develop lymphoma as were cats who lived in a home where no one smoked.

Quitting smoking can not only save your life but also your pets so if you won’t consider stopping for yourself maybe your four-legged friend will be the motivation you need.

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