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Coronavirus: Stopping Smoking

Coronavirus: Stopping Smoking

11 August 2020

Anne Penman

Coronavirus: Stopping Smoking

At the end of July, we reopened our clinic in Glasgow to lots of inquiries from smokers who are desperate to stop smoking because of COVID-19 and financial concerns. We also received calls from existing successful clients who were beating themselves up for restarting during the lockdown so whether you are Stopping Smoking for the first time, a serial quitter, or a relapsed smoker hopefully this information will help. 

There are so many great reasons to Stop Smoking, health, wealth, and COVID-19; each reason is equally valid in its own right but hard to come to terms with during these challenging times.


For many smokers, the cost is a significant issue as well, with job uncertainty, redundancies and reduced working hours and wages, there is no better way to help cut expenditure and save money.

20 a day smoker can save £300 per month - £3.500 annually 40 a day can save £600 per month - £7,000 annually 

Relapsed Smokers

Never give up on giving up smoking. Don't beat yourself up for lapsing, addiction loves to make us feel worthless, weak, and guilty, so the first thing to do when you decide to quit again is to take charge and congratulate yourself for choosing to stop again. Remind yourself how good you felt when you are smoke-free. Make your plan and seek out help and support.

COVID In Scotland 

Stopping Smoking at any time is one of the best things you can do for your health. You'll feel the benefits almost straight away and will be in a better position to deal with any illness which affects your breathing and lungs. Conditions like diabetes, breathing or heart conditions, as well as your age or using drugs which weaken your immune system, can worsen a coronavirus infection.

Smoking cigarettes, joints, pipes and shisha as well as using e-cigarettes means hand-to-mouth contact is more frequent. This increases the risk of spreading germs and infection, including coronavirus.

Using nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) products like inhalators, lozenges or gum may also increase frequent hand-to-mouth contact.

Reference - NHS Inform

Get in touch

If you're a new or existing Anne Penman client then call your local clinic and get back on track as soon as possible. 

For more information call Anne on 07814 522557 or visit our Stop Smoking Programme