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5 Lessons You Learn When You Quit Smoking

5 Lessons You Learn When You Quit Smoking

5 Lessons You Learn When You Quit Smoking

Smoking can be very difficult to quit and some people struggle more than others. There are quite a lot of realizations you get when you’re going through the process of wanting to quit. We’ve created 5 life lessons you learn when quitting smoking.

People won’t know what you’re going through

For people who aren’t going through smoking withdrawal, it can be difficult for them to understand what you’re going through. It might be frustrating but it’s the way it goes.

Some may think quitting smoking is like quitting chocolate when in actual fact it can be more like climbing Mount Everest. It’s important for loved ones and co-workers to be as supportive as possible and understand it’s a big deal trying to quit smoking That’s why our (the APLT) program is invaluable – we provide support 24/7, we’re a listening ear and give advice that others may not be able to do.

Your body lies to you

When going through smoking withdrawal you can go through several experiences even in a couple of hours after your last cigarette. It's kind of like your brain knows you’ve decided to quit again and it’s doing all in its power to make you reverse this decision.

You might start suffering from anxiety, sweaty or shaky hands, panic, or other physical effects. Your brain may be hitting you with these ‘mock withdrawals’ before you actually start feeling the effects of nicotine withdrawal.

You must bear in mind this when going through the process. It’s important to be headstrong and remember it’s all temporary and it will all pass.

The Anne Penman Laser Therapy Programme is invaluable. The laser helps ease or in some cases eliminates withdrawal. We understand what you are experiencing and can help explain why and what to do to help.

Your mood will make your memory hazy

You may have decided to quit smoking and you’ve lasted a while. Maybe a few months in fact. And, you’re looking back and that one night you’ve decided to buy a cigarette packet again. You say to your friends that you’ve decided to smoke again, the odd casual one when you’re out drinking.

You might say that you got a new job so you’ve been able to buy the new pricey cigarettes without having to worry. You make this your excuse. That the reason you’ve decided to quit smoking is because the price of cigarettes went up. But, because of this new, well-paid job, you can buy them again.

One thing you’ve forgotten though. You stopped smoking because of the harmful effects, not the price. The point is, your brain will change your memory and make you look back and make a different excuse as to why, something hard to deal with, actually happened.

Remember that. And of course one of the most damaging chemicals is leaving your body and being replaced with oxygen which can sometimes cause poor concentration, light headiness, and feeling of being Spaced out. At APLT we measure this and can show why and what is happening.

Stopping smoking without support can be an uncomfortable experience

Withdrawal isn’t always easy. That’s why many people who smoke, fail to give up because of the physical pain. It can mess with us. It feels that the pain lasts for hours and that it’ll never stop. When in actual fact this isn’t true. Our brains play yet more tricks on us. We have this perception that time slows down. This can be called ‘time distortion’ which is common to come across.

Our expert therapists can help you understand what is happening and support your lifestyle change

It’s your responsibility to control your moods through withdrawal Picture the scene.

It’s your first day going without a cigarette. You can be on your way to work or dropping the kids off at school, whatever it may be. The people in the outside world don’t know you or what you’re going through. To them, it could just be any other day.

Out of the blue, something happens. You let someone in line while driving and they forget to acknowledge it. You start blaring the horn or flashing your lights. You don’t usually kick up over something like this but due to what’s going, you can sometimes flip off the handle

What you’ve got to remember is to keep your emotions in check. People don’t understand your circumstance and you don’t understand theirs so always keep in mind to be respectful and if something doesn’t go well with your day then take a step back and breathe.

At Anne Penman and our Stop Smoking Campaign, you can help you stop smoking for good. With our laser therapy and ongoing support, you can reach your goals.

Call our helpline and get instant support, we have been helping smokers quit for over 25 years and have tips and advice at the ready.

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