Student Testimonials

    • Dr.Ashfaq Ahmad, The University of Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

      Now “Certified Anne Penman Laser Therapist” & “Pakistan’s First Ambassador for Anne Penman Laser’s unique Treatment (Smoking Cessation, Weight Loss and Stress Management)”. Just ended a 5-day basic & advanced course. Although it was too hectic but full of innovative learning, new ideology, and hands-on skills. Training includes the use of laser therapy for all three modules; shared knowledge of 27 years’ worldwide experience, the complete treatment process, laser application points and hands-on training, CO, Nicotine addiction, body fat, visceral fat and other body measurements testing, case studies, theoretical and practical exams followed by certification at Anne Penman Headquarters, 41 Clarkston Road, Glasgow, Scotland, UK. I have no words to pay huge thanks to my course and managing director-honorable madam Anne Penman and her team, not only for sharing this knowledge but also considering me for brand ambassador for Pakistan and all around Asian countries. I am so happy to bring this new technology to my country and also very much excited to help my community with this cost-effective and miraculous treatment

    • Laser therapy training with Anne Penman and colleagues is a two day course hosted on site at the Glasgow headquarters. The following is a reflective piece on my personal experiences of the course.

      Initially I was drawn to the course by the rave reviews of a family member. I was also impressed by numerous testimonials available online . This made me consider treatment and training.

      As a senior nurse within the field of addiction I was focused on absorbing and experiencing new techniques. I also realised I was in a very privileged position to be taught by a skilled technician with decades of experience and testimonials to confirm positive outcomes from treatments. I was very excited at the prospect of combining my transferable skills with new techniques.

      I really enjoyed the practical component of the training and was initially quite uncoordinated . Getting a feel for the laser and the interaction with a test client was really invaluable.

      I was also able to observe Anne treating a gentleman for smoking cessation on his return appointment. Anne displayed a level of professionalism combined with a personable approach. She provided an excellent example to aspire to for client interventions. I felt exhausted but absolutely thrilled and positive by the completion of the course. The learning experience was excellent in every way . The beautifully presented environment and the professionalism and warmth of the Anne Penman team really made me feel at ease and in the hands of supportive and encouraging trainers.

      Anne Penman and her colleagues more than met their goal of producing an enthused , knowledgeable and motivated technician. Practice and dedication to the technique remain a huge part of continuing to build on the outstanding knowledge , experience and wisdom passed on by Anne Penman organisation.

    • Jacqueline Rolland
    • Attending the Anne Penman Laser Therapy Clinic in July of 2017, I had already made several failed attempts to quit smoking.  I was very skeptical about the treatment but I really wanted to make a change.   I arrived to a warm welcome that really put me at ease and three treatments later I was smoke free and have been ever since.

      After such a successful experience, I was compelled to find out more about the LLLT process and why it worked.  I didn’t make a conscious decision to go for a career as an LLLT therapist but in hindsight I realise that my current career was coming to an end and this was something that had come along as I was searching for where to focus my energy.   I have always been the ‘go to’ person within my group of friends and family and I always make myself available to help people, so it makes sense to me that I am drawn to a career that can support people to make life improvements.

      I signed up for the training and although I received the same warm welcome, my enthusiasm was somewhat halted because of the realisation that I hadn’t been in a classroom environment for over 20 years.  There was also a reality check that day that the Cold Laser Therapy was not some magic wand to cure all addictions. The therapist must have a desire to empathise, understand and listen to the client in order to give them the best motivation and guidance possible.  In addition, the client needs to be totally focused and needs to work hard in order to facilitate a successful life change.

      One of the most important things I learned was that giving clients a platform in which to open up to the therapist can expose deep seated issues which I am not qualified to deal with.  I am here to help make life changes for the client by addressing the healthy part of the psyche and not to address trauma.  Any client experiencing these problems, I will refer them to the appropriate professionals.  After completing and passing this course, I have the basic skills and certification to perform laser therapy in three disciplines, these skills need to be honed in order for me to become an accomplished therapist but I am looking forward to the journey, I am in no rush.  My quality of care is more important to me than my ambition.

    • Mike Nicholson
    • I was not prepared for this course, I have been a student for many years, reading and studying are two important parts of my day, but I usually mark my own pace, which by the way is lento, but this course has been andante con motto. Yesterday I felt a part of my brain disconnect, it shut down, maybe some kind of synapse block, perhaps there was an overload of information pouring in.

      I will not justify my incompetence, but I believe that it is necessary to accept our limitations, that being said I have praises for Anne´s endeavor. She has opened a port with her laser approach into uncharted waters, her work is original and has helped many persons directly and indirectly, her own experience with smoking cessation led to this program, a gathering of information that has been applied with good results for many years and that we are learning now.

      The technical aspects of the treatment may appear paramount to success, but I think that other aspects of the program come into play. We have been guided into a different venue of health care, which is prevention. By treating tobacco dependence, weight reduction and stress, we can do much than jus treating one person.

      Some of our professions  (nursing and medicine) are mostly oriented to the acute care, when we see a patient in the majority of the cases, the damage to the body has already occurred, there is almost no possibility to revert this change, but with the treatment of these three conditions we may change the life of not one person, but as was mentioned by Carol yesterday, it can have a butterfly effect. If we help a person into a healthier life style, this will have a benefit to his or her family, business and community, this person will motivate others to do the same.

      We all have the basic knowledge to take care of ourselves and of our dear ones, but method Anne has developed is inclusive, it has all the elements to perform a good quality work, the manual as Carol mentioned is like a second “bible “, it contains every aspect and detail of how to achieve the goals to help our dear clients and second to help ourselves.

      I hope that I will bee able to use the laser for these three conditions. I had no idea of I was getting into but I thank God for being here today.

    • Ramon Pacheco Edgewater, New Jersey
    • I NEVER forget that my training is why my success rate is so high and consistent. The Anne Penman Laser Therapy training course is the perfect role model to set up your business. Anne is there for you every step of the way and then it is up to you to deliver!

    • Eileen Sonsini Anne Penman Clinic Owner and Reiki Master
    • APLT is a perfect fit for my original beauty therapy business. And it really is a unique service, as the support package and aftercare that is offered is tremendous. And I speak from personal experience, as I quit smoking with Anne before starting my own APLT business!

    • Linda Jones Beautician Kilmarnock Scotland
    • I WAS a stay-at-home mum but after getting the laser treatment to help me quit smoking, I trained with Anne and started my own business. For over 18 years, I have been helping other people throughout Scotland to stop smoking like I did – that’s the most rewarding thing of all.

    • Margaret Ann Mackenzie Anne Penman Clinic Owner
    • THIS career path is everything you could wish for if you are seeking a new direction in life. It is for caring people who are looking to make a difference to the lives of others. I describe it as a paycheck of the heart – a chance to leave your own legacy by helping others.

    • Carol Logan Anne Penman Clinic Owner and Trainer
    • I have pioneered APLT in Manila, Philippines. When my family relocated to Houston, Texas, I was able to bring the business with me as well. What started out as a simple entrepreneurial move eventually became an endearing commitment to help people to quit smoking, lose weight and manage stress

    • Mack Macasaet Benauro A retired VP for a pharmaceutical company
    • Anne Made you feel right at home.  With having not been a smoker I was wondering how I would relate to treating patients that are.  With my massage background and the relaxation aspect was very similar to how I give a massage.  I feel that the Laser treatment is very beneficial to all and can make a world of difference.  After my first class room setting for receiving the Laser treatment for weight loss I slept better and was very relaxed after.

    • Jodi Stack, Chiropractor Assistant
    • I am very appreciative to be able to become certified Laser Therapy Technician.  Being able to provide this alternative therapy to my diabetes patients is priceless.  Medications are not always the answer and Laser Therapy could be important part of their care plan.  Anne Penman Laser Therapy training was hosted by Anne Penman herself.  She is a very bright lady that filled us with knowledge as well as gave us hope that we can make a difference in the SMSC community.

    • Teri Reitz, RN, Diabetic Educator
    • What a great learning experience with Anne Penman!  It was wonderful to learn about a non-invasive, no side effect option to help people with smoking, pain, stress, etc.  It is exciting to know that after the training that I could be a catalyst to helping others improve their lives.  It was great to get to experience first-hand the relaxing effects of the laser on even the first try!  The training was wonderful, informative and most of all inspiring to be in a training group with such wonderful same-minded women!

    • Miranda Swenhaugen, Chiropractic Assistant
    • I attended Anne Penman 3-day Laser Therapy training.  I thoroughly enjoyed this training.  Anne explains things so everyone can understand the concept of laser treatments. She did a wonderful job at trouble shooting different scenario and personalities of patients coming in for treatment.  I was very skeptical at first but once I learned about this therapy and had an opportunity to receive it I am truly a believer of the benefits laser therapy can help patients.  I am very grateful for this wonderful opportunity to learn such a great skill and meet such a wonderful women and mentor.

    • Jean Meyer, LPN
    • I have used my hand held cold laser for several years and had some nice results.  Working with the Thor cold Laser was very interesting and I think it will open many doors that my small laser is unable to open.  In my practice the weight loss protocol would fall right into place.  I see many patients for nutritional consult, most want to feel better, but the desire to lose weight is a big component as well.  Many struggle with their cravings and feel they can’t win.  They try and try again.  I had the weight loss protocol done twice on me to see if it would affect my cravings.  I have to say food didn’t look as good and my appetite was decreased as well.  I can see how we could help patients get through the toughest first few weeks with the laser therapy.  I am excited about the possibilities and can’t wait to use the laser in our clinical setting.

    • Annette Collins, Chiropractor
    • I have had the privilege of using Anne Penman’s protocols for Smoking Cessation, Stress Management and Weight Loss for the past 5 years here at the Wellness Center.  In that time, I have been able to see amazing results with each program.  The laser program offers a wellness approach and our goal is to help clients empower themselves to make the lifestyle change needed to live a healthier lifestyle.  Having Anne Penman here at SMSC was a wonderful experience.  Her knowledge and expertise truly inspired me and reconfirmed how valuable this laser program is and will be in the future.

    • Mikki Ebel, RN
    • I am very appreciative of the opportunity to meet Anne and learn this wonderful modality of therapy to assist clients in their wellness journey. I am excited and looking forward to start providing laser therapies to clients as well as receiving them myself.  I so enjoyed meeting staff from other departments and the enthusiasm everyone had.  I believe it could also foster collaborative relationships within out departments and help integrate referrals and practices for the patients in our clinics.  Integrative health is becoming more and more sought after by patients.  This is another example of how lucky we all are to work and be cared for in a community that strives to be innovative and in the forefront of new and leading-edge advancements and technology in health and wellness.  Thank you.

    • Twylla Chant, RN
    • We would love you to write something about your training and your laser therapy experience please?

      How would you describe the training course?

      The training course offer by Anne Penman is very informative and hands-on. After the 3 days, you will have the knowledge and skills to start your own business in laser therapy.

      How would you describe Anne Penman and her team?

      Anne Penman has over 25 years’ experience in laser therapy, so there is no better person to teach you the skills and personal knowledge she has accumulated over the years.  Anne and Carol make an excellent training team in a relaxing atmosphere with not too many students.

      What plans to you have now you have trained with Anne Penman Laser Therapy?

      The good thing with Anne Penman’s course is that you can repeat it for free. I’ve taken it twice now and each time have learned fresh information and techniques that I missed the first time.  With Anne’s training, we have opened 2 clinics in the Toronto GTA and doing very well with it.

      Would you recommend it to other people looking for a new business?

      The Anne Penman Laser Therapy course is an excellent way to get into the laser industry with a very reasonable investment. There is no shortage of people looking to reduce stress, lose weight or quit smoking.

      Please add your name, your clinic location and contact details at the bottom as I will pass this information on to my support team and with your permission use this information on our website and social media.

    • Simon W. Canada

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