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Tired of your current job, looking to move onto something else or just fancy a change? You should consider the Anne Penman Laser Therapy Training course. If you want a career that is fast changing, exciting and enjoyable, train with Anne Penman to become a laser therapist. With over 30 locations worldwide, the Anne Penman training course is more popular than ever before.

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Helping People Quit Smoking through Anne Penman Laser Therapy of Houston



Helping People Quit Smoking through Anne Penman Laser Therapy of Houston
-Mack Benauro, October 2016

Four years ago, I introduced the Anne Penman Laser Therapy (APLT) business in Manila. It was the first APLT center not only in the Philippines but also in Asia-Pacific. People were coming from far and wide to try out this unique modality for Stop Smoking or Nicotine Cessation. Some had flown from Indonesia, Hong Kong, and Dubai just for the treatment. They all believed it was worth the thousand-mile travel as they went back to their country as a successful non-smoker. Continue reading

Laser Therapy Training Certification Classes to Quit Smoking

Laser Therapy Training to Quit Smoking by Anne Penman

Hands on Laser Therapy Training by Anne Penman    Laser school for nicotine addiction carbon monoxide test for nicotine addiction

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Watch this Anne Penman Laser Therapy training video to Stop Smoking 

Upcoming Laser Training Certification Courses:

Edgewater, New Jersey 8th – 11th – January 2016
Glasgow Scotland UK 15th -18th – January 2016
Train the Anne Penman way 

By training with Anne Penman you will discover the benefits of learning Laser Therapy for nicotine addiction methods including and starting your own business and a new career path as well. Continue reading