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    Train the Anne Penman way

    Take the first step to change your life &
    the lives of others

    Want to learn a new skill and become an independent business owner with the flexibility to set your own schedule, goals and targets.

    We are looking for motivational people to join our ever-growing network of Clinics,  people who care about the health and well-being of others

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  • How long has the programme been running?

  • Devised by Anne over 25 years ago, it combines the use of laser therapy with one-to-one personal counselling to help with smoking cessation, stress and weight loss.

    If you are looking for a stand-alone business – or a business to complement an already successful venture, APLT is the answer.

    If you want to work from home, work for yourself or change career direction, APLT is the answer.

    It appeals to all people, of all ages, from all backgrounds. You can work from home, in an office, in a health centre, in a clinic… the possibilities are endless.

    By training with Anne Penman, you will not only discover the benefits of laser therapy – her way – you will learn so much more. You will be given the tools to start your new business.

  • Why choose us?

  • Each training course is taken by Anne Penman personally – and her aim is to share her 25 years of experience in the laser therapy industry with you.

    Our four-day courses include practical, hands-on work as well as covering the theory for smoking cessation, weight loss and stress management.

    Classes are small, you get the chance for a one-to-one with Anne, undoubtedly one of the leaders in the laser therapy field, and although you will independently own your own business, you will be given everything you need – from forms, to paperwork and theory.

    Laser therapy tackles smoking addiction, stress, weight and a host of other issues

    Find out more on Youtube on the Anne Penman channel:

  • Industry Opinion

    I have known Anne Penman since 1994. She excels in her field and has set up several scientific clinical trials, introduced a rigorous patient data-collection system in her clinics and is constantly auditing her work and feeding this back to develop the treatment. She is by far THE world – leading authority on smoking cessation using low-level laser. She is irreplaceable.


    Note to existing healthcare professionals

    Contact us to learn more about our one-day course for use of laser and our protocols.

  • Benefits of the APLT Programme

  • To sum up, the benefits of training the Anne Penman way are:

    The chance to start an independently owned business which is not a franchise

    A powerful and passionate training course that will change your life and help you change the lives of others

    The chance to get hands-on training – and to share the personal experiences Anne Penman has encountered in over 25 years in business

    Extensive use of and training on the carbon monoxide monitor and laser system Anne uses. It is by Thor and is the one recommended by APLT. Like Anne, they are experts in this field and provide excellent after-sales care. For more information on Thor visit or contact [email protected]

    Once you have completed the training course, ongoing consultancy support is provided and includes:

    Use of the Anne Penman name, which is now a globally recognized brand.  Your contact details listed on our global website –

    Anne Penman Virtual Intranet – a private internal website only available to Anne Penman Partners that has all the documents and materials you need to operate your own business.

    Print Ready Materials – Fliers, posters etc

    Ongoing website and marketing assistance.

    Ongoing business coaching.

    Ongoing education for technicians to help assure their success.

    Unlimited and continual support via email and or phone, answering any questions that may arise relating to the procedure, operation of the equipment, client-related questions, including IIRB processes and procedures.

    The opportunity to network and benefit from the knowledge and experience of existing independent owners.

    Find out more about how laser therapy works on Youtube on the Anne Penman channel


    Train the Anne Penman way

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