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More and more smokers are turning to the e-cigarette as quit method or exchanging their smoking addiction believing they are choosing a less harmful and a safer option which may or may not be the case. At the Anne Penman Clinic, in Glasgow, we are now receiving more calls asking if we can do anything to help stop vaping.

Many users say they find it difficult to put the vape down and feel almost compelled to use is at every given opportunity (even waking during the night for a few puffs). If you are someone who has traded your traditional cigarette for vaping and would like help to become vape free, then let me explain what we can do to help.

We combine laser therapy, counseling and back up support including a telephone helpline to help you stop vaping. Our programme is designed to help deal with the addiction, habit, and physical withdrawal.

Addiction is a combination of craving and habit; craving is a physical desire where the body desperate for something and habit is a repeated learned behaviour. Like traditional smokers people who vape are sharing they are experiencing similar urges to take a few quick puffs or have the comfort of a vape in their hand.

The Anne Penman Laser Therapy method combines a cold laser beam which is applied to specific energy points on the body to help promote the release of endorphins, natural chemicals in the body associated with giving up smoking/vaping

Laser therapy can help reduce cravings, lower stress levels and restore balance to help with the withdrawal symptoms associated with quitting vaping, our person-centered counseling can help focus on self-belief and positive thinking.


We help you deal with the emotional, physical and psychological aspects of giving up. During each session we will discuss your lifestyle, the role vaping plays in your life, when and where you use a vape your dependency level and the factors that lead you to use vaping as a coping strategy.

We also a telephone help-line to give you the extra support and motivation to become vape free.

Laser Therapy Course:

Our programme consists of three sessions: The first session is approx. One hour long and this is usually all that is required to become vape free. However, we understand that the first 5- 7 days of quitting anything are crucial and to maximize your success we recommend a second session within that time frame.

Further sessions can be arranged depending on individual needs. These sessions are offered to help you remain vape free. .

If you would like to find out more or make an appointment please call Anne on 0141 637 5956 or visit our Facebook page Anne Penman Laser Therapy

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