Today sees the start of Stoptober in England as the Department of Health launch a national stop smoking campaign, and in support here in Scotland, we are launching our own ZAPTOBER campaign to help encourage the Scottish nation to quit smoking!

‘I think Stoptober is an excellent idea, there’s always pressure on people to quit in January and then on No Smoking Day in March, but the rest of the year there is nothing. ‘October is an ideal time of year to try to quit before all the Christmas festivities begin…. and just think of the money you can save for Santa if you stop now!

My husband Ron and I are ex-smokers and know firsthand how rewarding giving up can be….we were in the hospitality industry and smoked 3 packs a day each.

Our passion for smoking was so strong that even when Ron had his first heart attack at the age of 37 and we were told we must stop smoking we ignored the warning. Ron’s dad had died at 38 and his brother at 32, so our philosophy was ‘Ron is going to die young so he might as well die “happy ” and in those days, for us, that meant smoking. To be honest, we were both afraid… and as classic smokers, we did what all smokers do when they are worried – smoked more!

Not surprisingly Ron’s health deteriorated, and four years later he had another massive heart attack. This time, after a triple bypass and spending 12 weeks in hospital Ron stopped smoking.

Ron is now 69, a very proud and much loved Grandad who loves life:

‘I quit my own 60 a day habit using laser therapy and swapped my passion for smoking to a passion for helping others. I believe if a hopeless case like me could quit anyone can…..we believe every family deserves to keep the people they love for as long as possible.’

Today we have a global team using the Anne Penman method to help thousands with their smoking addiction.

For more information about our stop smoking programme, please visit

It is my dream to help as many people as possible make long-term lifestyle changes. I truly believe that with the right support you can do anything.

Please stay up to date on the blog and get in contact if we can help you quit this October.



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