Tobacco Companies Face Up To Their Manipulation and Lies

As we head into a New Year, we’ve decided to look back at a story from the tail end of 2016.  Quite a shocking acknowledgement in fact. That cigarette makers of Camel, Newport and Marlboro designed their products in order to keep users addicted to the nicotine. This altered their brain function, killing over 1000 Americans daily.

The court ordered admission has been screened on TV and in newspapers in the form of ads. The tobacco giants tried for over a decade to stop this with years of appeals since the original judgement in 2006. The parade of TV and newspaper ads lasts a year but are weakened somewhat by the changing media landscape.

It’s a large step. It’s the first time these companies have to lay it all out on the table and tell the truth says Cliff Douglas of the American Cancer Society.

Back in 1999, a Justice Department lawsuit against the owners of Philip Morris and R.J. Reynolds led to a government federal order that tobacco companies should issue corrective statements on their products to change the decades of manipulation and lies. Not surprisingly, legal appeals came and pushed back the media ads for another 11 years. Since then the audiences for these channels have fallen dramatically.

Robin Koyal of the Truth Initiative mentioned it’s been a long fight to get the truth out. He said that although it’s a great fight, less people are likely to see the advertisements and the young demographic are gaining more of their information online and through the likes of tablets and smart phones rather than TV.

The Federal Trade Commission stated that cigarette companies spend $8 billion a year on cigarette advertising while the anti-smoking ads cost a fraction at a mere $30 million it’s estimated.  The court order states that tobacco firms lied about the ‘light’ cigarettes, that they were safer for you than regular cigarettes and that second-hand smoked didn’t causes lung cancer.

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