Type 2 Diabetes Linked To African Americans Who Smoke

Recent research has suggested that black adults who smoke more than a packet of cigarettes in a day have an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Smokers from African-American backgrounds have an increased risk of diabetes but the way the research was carried differed as this time it explored the impact of the volume of cigarettes smoked.

Health records were checked between nearly 3000 black adults without diabetes, that included 502 who used to smoke and 361 who still smoked.

A follow up period was checked 8 years later, and it found that those who smoked 20 or more cigarettes a day had a 79% more chance of developing diabetes compared those in the study who didn’t.

Results showed though that former smokers or those who smoked 10 or less a day were not at a greater risk of developing diabetes compared to non-smokers.

15% of the people who were non-smokers developed type 2 diabetes compared to 20% of ex-smokers and 17% of current smokers.

Researchers say that the study didn’t experiment who see whether smoking was the direct link to causing diabetes and the research found that smoking alone did not lead to the development of the condition.

Dr Michael Hall who conducted the study says that obviously all smokers should be encouraged to quit but there is evidence if you lower the number of cigarettes you smoke in a day can reduce the risk of developing diabetes of African Americans.  He went onto say that those who have a smoking addiction tended to do less physical exercise too

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