Smoking and Obesity Top Causes For Cancer Says Study

A look at the causes of cancer has found out some surprising information. While smoking is still the biggest cause of cancer and cancer fatalities around the world, poor eating habits, excessive alcohol intake and obesity are also being increasingly linked to cancer.

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The American Cancer Society found that my limiting alcohol and living a healthier live can reduce the likelihood of diseases such as cancer.

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the USA that kills well over half a million each year. In 1975, around 49% of the population diagnosed with the disease were alive 5 years later and in 2012 it jumped to 69%.

A leading expert from the American Cancer Society mentioned that for decades experts thought that around a 1/3 of all cancers were caused by smoking. The Chief Medical and Scientific Officer, Dr Otis Brawley went on to say that in 1981 they would discuss that around 10 cancers were linked to smoking but its now known that staggering 17 cancers are directly caused by tobacco intake and smoking. But what’s more alarming and surprising, less people are smoking in the main, but obesity has increased the cancer risk and more people in the United States are increasingly becoming obese.

Furthermore, the researchers said that the combination of alcohol intake, poor diet, excess body weight and lack of physical activity were the leading causes of cancer in woman and was only second behind smoking in men, often those suffering with gynecomastia.

At Anne Penman, we know that it’s imperative to quit smoking and to eat healthy to not only live longer but to achieve a high quality of life for as long as possible.

In order to help you achieve your health goals this New Year, Anne Penman Laser Therapy can help you quit smoking and lose weight that can go a long way in achieving your resolutions.

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The Anne Penman Weight Loss Programme lasts for a month and is broken up into 4 weekly sessions.  Your body takes in or around 28 days to adjust to a new eating rota.  In the first session it will last 1 hour and 15 minutes and will involve laser therapy treatment, weight measurements, and a general analysis of your body. We will discuss your current eating habits and calorie intake and general health and with this information we’ll create a meal plan unique to you that will help you going forward. During the sessions going forward – it will depend on the results from the first appointment.

If you want more information on the stop smoking programme or the weight loss programme, click on the links below:

Stop Smoking Programme

Weight Loss Programme

Please stay up to date on the blog and get in contact if we can help you reach your health goals this year.

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