Check out the latest testimonial from Eileen Sonsini on why the Anne Penman Laser Therapy programme worked for her:

My name is Eileen Sonsini and I quit smoking with cold laser therapy on January 14, 2005, after smoking for 40 years and having tried everything else on the market to quit.  After about a month of not smoking, and being completely surprised that anything had worked, I decided I would like to open a laser business of my own to help others quit the terrible, hard to quit habit of smoking.  I first spoke with the company I quit with and found that they were much more interested in how much money you could make than they were interested in helping others, so I did more research.  I found Anne Penman and her laser therapy Franchise operating at the time in Sandy Springs, Georgia.  I called and then made arrangements to go visit in late February 2005.  I was so very impressed with Anne and her history, her passion and her care about helping others quit smoking, that I decided to take the training in Georgia with Anne and her team and did so in April 2005, and opened my Anne Penman Laser Therapy Business in May 2005.  About a year later, Anne parted ways with the Franchisor and made the Anne Penman Laser Therapy Business a Business Opportunity instead of a Franchise, which helped us as business owners, gave us more credibility with Anne at the helm and kept our business in the business of helping – after which, the money comes anyway!

I recently sold my Anne Penman Laser Therapy business to retire with my husband to Washington State and was asked to offer the reasons someone might want to open an Anne Penman Laser Therapy Business of their own:

  1. Business Opportunity rather than a Franchise – you only pay one fee per year to use the name, method and operate under Anne’s approved IIRB;


  1. The training is easy, thorough and you are ready to open your business in a very short period of time;


  1. The support after the training and certification from Anne is priceless and is available for all owners;


  1. The money you can make is entirely up to how hard you want to work and is not dictated by Anne or anyone else, as all centers are independently owned and operated;


  1. The overhead is very minimal once you have paid for training, IIRB and equipment, and it’s a very affordable business to start and maintain;


  1. I sold my business easily when it was time to retire for a very fair price and would recommend opening an Anne Penman Laser Therapy business to anyone interested in making a good, comfortable living and helping others at the same time – a complete win, win!!


  1. I loved each and every single day of operating my Anne Penman Laser Therapy business and am considering opening another one in Washington State. They just increased the cost of cigarettes and have making the legal age to purchase 21 – sounds like they need an Anne Penman Laser Therapy here!



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