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  • Welcome to THE Anne Penman Laser Therapy Center of Ohio. We are the ONLY authorized Anne Penman Laser Therapy Center in Ohio.  We LEGALLY operate under an approved Independent Institutional Review Board (IIRB) IIRB.

    Anne’s programs have been in operation since the 1990’s and have helped thousands to stop smoking, control and lose weight, and manage stress.

    We appreciate your interest in our services and will do anything within our ability to help you in your significant lifestyle change whether that may be to Stop Smoking, Combat Stress, or Lose Weight.

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  • Ronnie and Perlita Houston are the owners of THE Anne Penman Laser Therapy Center of Ohio; both are also certified laser technicians. Ronnie and Perlita have served in the medical field all of our careers, helping others. Perlita graduated with a BS in Nursing, and specialized in Neonatal Intensive Care and OB/Gyn. She gave up nursing when our son was born, but continues her patient care desire by performing phlebotomy. Ronnie is a British trained medical scientist with both a BS and MS in Medical Sciences specializing in clinical and research anatomic pathology. His career includes many years in the UK, Saudi Arabia and the US.
    Ronnie smoked 20+ cigarettes/day for over 25 years, but he decided to quit before his son was born, as he did not want to expose him to the second-hand smoke. The rest is history.
    Perlita knows well the trials of living with a smoker as not only Ronnie, but also her brothers and father smoked (one brother and father now deceased directly from smoking).
    Like Anne Penman, Ronnie also comes from Scotland; and both of us have personally been trained by Anne Penman.
    Contact us at (614) 678 2708 to find out more, to set up a free consultation or to make an appointment.

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    • “I AM NOW A NON-SMOKER!  I have smoked for 42 years.  I’ve quit for short periods of time, but I’ve never been able to totally kick it.  I’ve tried everything, patch, gum, lozenges, hypnosis, psychologist and the latest, the new prescription Chantix.  Nothing worked!A few months ago, a friend was visiting from out of town and told me about Anne Penman’s Laser Treatment.I went online and read all about the wonderful results and decided to call.  With much anxiety, I made an appointment; the anxiety was because I didn’t want to fail again.  I just didn’t believe I would ever be able to get this monkey off my back.  The worst part was I liked smoking, but I didn’t like what it was doing to me.  I didn’t like the look in the grandchildren’seyes as they told me, “please quit so you can stay with us longer.”This was my last chance.  Carol and Denise, my technicians were wonderful and very supportive.  I followed all of there advice and prayed a lot!Well, I am proof that this really works.  I am now a recovering smoker.  I like that better than non-smoker because I know I can never again touch a cigarette.  But, I ALSO KNOW THAT I NEVER WILL!Thanks Anne for your wonderful therapy, it really works!”
    • Sandy 
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