Stress and Weight Gain

Imagine living in a world full of predators. You’re walking along and suddenly a saber-toothed tiger is directly in front of you. What do you do?

Without your fight or flight system, you’d probably do nothing. You wouldn’t know to run away and even if you did, you’d have nothing helping you; much like getting into a fight but being unable to use your strength or respond quickly enough.

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New Tax Law Hits Smokers In California

A new tax law affecting smokers in California came into effect on the 4th of April 2017. A packet of cigarettes will now cost an additional two dollars, hitting the pockets of smokers even more. This cigarette tax passed last November so smokers have known about it for a considerable period of time. This has made smokers act in two very different manners. Some have decided to give up smoking all together which is what the tax law intended while other smokers have bought in bulk and stocked up on large piles of cigarette packets before the tax law was implemented.

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I Was Pushing My Luck

Mum-of-one Jackie Forsyth from Port Seaton, East Lothian knew she was on borrowed time.

Her mum Norma died of emphysema at 50 – and Jackie had just celebrated her 44th birthday.

‘My motivation for stopping was a few things, health being the main one. My
health is good considering how long I’ve smoked for but suddenly in my 40’s I realised I wasn’t invincible and that I wanted to see my son Ethan who is 14, grow up,’ explains Jackie who works as a receptionist in Edinburgh.

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