Taking The Addiction Out of Smoking

There was big news coming out of the tobacco industry last week when the Food and Drug Administration announced to the world they were aiming to reduce the nicotine in cigarettes to a nonaddictive level.

The head of the Food and Drug Administration mentioned that if cigarettes were eradicated, it would prevent the needless deaths of near enough 500,000 per year in the United States due to nicotine addiction.

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Tobacco Use Jumps 80% In Top-Grossing Movies

In a recent report, there has been an 80% increase of tobacco incidents in top grossing movies between 2015 and 2016. Public health officials are raising concerns that this could have an effect on the behaviour of young people’s smoking habits. This could also determine the behaviour of other adults who are trying to quit smoking as it promotes smoking in a glamorised way. Furthermore, it’s concern as the movies are a place ex-smokers go as it’s a place where you can’t smoke, so it could influence them too.

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Third Hand Smoke

You might be the kind of person to very much aware the causes of 2nd hand smoke.  You may decide to wave the smoke away and move away from it and think to yourself that you’re away from the toxic smoke. Except you’re not. You may be in another part of someone’s home but you’re now entering the area of thirdhand smoking.

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E Cigarette Firms Fined In Australia

Since the introduction of e-cigarettes across the world, vaping has been seen as a safe alternative to smoking cigarettes. The thing is we still don’t know whether vaping is as safe as experts say. According to US Surgeon General, Vivek Murthy, he claims that cigarettes are unsafe and are a major public health concern.

Now, in new developments, Australian competition regulators have become the first agency in the world to take action against e-cigarette companies for misleading and false statements about carcinogens in the products they sell.

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Anne Penman Is Celebrating A Change of Life – No Hormones Involved.

April is always an important month for Anne Penman Laser Therapy. It is a month of celebration and thanks for both Ron and I becoming non-smokers and this year Ron celebrating being 69.  Back in 1987 after Ron’s first heart attack we were told he might not live to see 40, so after his first heart attack and waiting four years on a NHS list Ron finally had a triple bypass and we both became non-smokers with new goals and a passion to help others.

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There Are More Smokers Now Than Ever Before

It’s crazy to think close to a billion people smoke cigarettes daily which means there are more smokers in the world than any other time in the past – according to a recent study.

This scary number can be easily explained. As the global population rises to nearly 7 billion the number of smokers will increase.

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How The New Budget Effects Smokers

Whether we like it or not, the latest budget has affected people across the board. Alcohol has seen an increase for the first time with 2p added to the price of a pint.  The budget is also targeting smokers. The average cost of a 20 pack of premium cigarettes will now cost £10.26 which is a 3.53% increase from £9.91. For someone who smokes 40 cigarettes a day that will cost them £143.64 a week while heavier smokes who smoke 60 cigarettes, it will cost these smokers around £215.46 a week.

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Laser Therapy Training Certification Classes to Quit Smoking

Laser Therapy Training to Quit Smoking by Anne Penman

Hands on Laser Therapy Training by Anne Penman    Laser school for nicotine addiction carbon monoxide test for nicotine addiction

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Watch this Anne Penman Laser Therapy training video to Stop Smoking 

Upcoming Laser Training Certification Courses:

Edgewater, New Jersey 8th – 11th – January 2016
Glasgow Scotland UK 15th -18th – January 2016
Train the Anne Penman way 

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Proud to be a quitter!

WHEN bookies’ manager Stella Hoey read our feature in January about laser therapy, she was stunned that she’d never heard of the stop-smoking treatment before. And she had no idea just what an impact the article was going to have on her life!

“I’m a big believer in things happening for a reason,” Stella smiles. “And that was the perfect example. I read the feature about Anne Penman’s weekend wellness retreat and, as a lifelong smoker, I just couldn’t believe that I had never heard of the therapy! Continue reading

December Newsletter

Welcome to our first eNewsletter!!


Yes, our eNewsletter is finally here and it’s a rather wonderful opportunity to let everyone know what’s been happening with Anne Penman Laser Therapy, all over the world!


Please check out our new and improved website www.annepenman.com we are absolutely thrilled with its new look and would love you all to like it on Facebook and spread the word!


Last month I flew to Dallas to take part in the Great American Smokeout Trash the Ash event, which you can read about below. I had the most wonderful time and want to thank everyone involved for making it a great successful and an amazing day; including Franco and Kenny (our owners from Orange County, Southern California), Carol Logan trainer and technician and of course all the local businesses who supported the event with generous prizes and in fact everyone who attended!


We are very excited to have new owners joining us from Ireland, England, Sweden and Israel!


We have also launched an online shop at cafepress.com, where you can buy Anne Penman branded merchandise to show your support!


Great American Smokeout 2010 Trash the Ash

On the 17th of November our Dallas Clinic held their Trash the Ash Campaign for the Great American Smokeout. Giving smokers a chance to bin their cigarettes in exchange for raffle tickets and also offering help and advice for those quitting. Prizes including, gift vouchers, massages and much more with a charitable contribution from proceeds going to the American Cancer Society.


Xenia and Rachael Sebastian from the Dallas Clinic were interviewed on DFW Closeup before the event and did a wonderful job explaining the techniques used and really getting the Anne Penman message out there to the viewers. Fantastic job ladies and you can view this here.


A second interview also took place on Stress Management and you can see it here.


Also, Eric from the Dallas Clinic made a fantastic online piece for Facebook and YouTube, detailing our methods and the help available to clients. You can view this at splashmedia.com


Well done to the Dallas team for all their hard work!!


I also made 5 videos for YouTube which was fun Splash is an amazing company to work with!


Also in Dallas we met separate people who are interested in helping us find a way to do our double blind randomised control study we need to find partners to help with funding or a laser manufacturer to commission the study a real challenge for any small company but we are determined to get the clinical study completed in 2011.


Upcoming Training

We are very excited about our last training session of 2010, which is taking place in our lovely Glasgow office! There are still some places available for the December training session, please let us know if you want to join us!


Date Location
10th – 12th December 2010 Glasgow, Scotland, UK
28th – 30th January 2011 Las Vegas, Nevada, US
4th – 6th February 2011 Dallas, Texas, US
11th – 13th February 2011 Charlotte, North Carolina, US


More details of our upcoming training is available on the website.


Gift Vouchers


We have designed new vouchers which are now available to buy on our website which can be given as gifts by family and friends!




Stop Smoking Retreats


We ran a competition in the Scottish Sunday Mail, to coincide with the launch of our weekend retreats and you can find further info on our website.


Were very excited about the first retreat taking place 21st-23rd January 2011 and we look forward to meeting the competition winners, Marie Smyth from Glasgow and Fiona Dyet from Stirling.



Success Stories


Have you had treatment at one of our centres? We would love for you to send it to us or visit our Facebook fan page and leave your success stories and feedback on the treatment and guidance you received. Our aim is to help as many people as possible and your testimonials will help reassure those considering treatment remember: they were once where you were.



Happy Holidays from everyone at Anne Penman!!


Best wishes,


Anne x