How The New Budget Effects Smokers

Whether we like it or not, the latest budget has affected people across the board. Alcohol has seen an increase for the first time with 2p added to the price of a pint.  The budget is also targeting smokers. The average cost of a 20 pack of premium cigarettes will now cost £10.26 which is a 3.53% increase from £9.91. For someone who smokes 40 cigarettes a day that will cost them £143.64 a week while heavier smokes who smoke 60 cigarettes, it will cost these smokers around £215.46 a week.

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I Was Pushing My Luck

Mum-of-one Jackie Forsyth from Port Seaton, East Lothian knew she was on borrowed time.

Her mum Norma died of emphysema at 50 – and Jackie had just celebrated her 44th birthday.

‘My motivation for stopping was a few things, health being the main one. My
health is good considering how long I’ve smoked for but suddenly in my 40’s I realised I wasn’t invincible and that I wanted to see my son Ethan who is 14, grow up,’ explains Jackie who works as a receptionist in Edinburgh.

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Anne Penman Training Services

Tired of your current job, looking to move onto something else or just fancy a change? You should consider the Anne Penman Laser Therapy Training course. If you want a career that is fast changing, exciting and enjoyable, train with Anne Penman to become a laser therapist. With over 30 locations worldwide, the Anne Penman training course is more popular than ever before.

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Smoking To Kill 8 Million People By 2030 – New Statistics From WHO

A new report from the World Health Organisation has suggested that the number of people who die from smoking ever year is set to climb to an astonishing 8 million by 2030. The current number is 6 million annually,  which is still a shocking figure. But to think that this could climb even further is very alarming, and should be the wake-up call for smokers who are still struggling to quit.

Not only that, the study has also suggested that the global economy is losing £820 billion annually due to the impact that smoking has on productivity and health. Those that argue that smoking is good for the economy are very wrong, as statistics show that global revenues generated from tobacco taxes only reached £221 billion in 2013/14, nowhere near enough to cover the large cost of smoking. Continue reading

Save The Cold Turkey For Boxing Day

Christmas is almost upon us, which means that New Year is right round the corner too. It’s the time of year when many of us decide to make some important lifestyle changes, usually starting with our health. Popular resolutions include ditching cigarettes, losing weight or trying to lead a more relaxed life. For many of the clients that we work with, they’re working towards overcoming all 3.

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