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Stress and Weight Gain

Imagine living in a world full of predators. You’re walking along and suddenly a saber-toothed tiger is directly in front of you. What do you do?

Without your fight or flight system, you’d probably do nothing. You wouldn’t know to run away and even if you did, you’d have nothing helping you; much like getting into a fight but being unable to use your strength or respond quickly enough.

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Taking The Addiction Out of Smoking

There was big news coming out of the tobacco industry last week when the Food and Drug Administration announced to the world they were aiming to reduce the nicotine in cigarettes to a nonaddictive level.

The head of the Food and Drug Administration mentioned that if cigarettes were eradicated, it would prevent the needless deaths of near enough 500,000 per year in the United States due to nicotine addiction.

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Tobacco Use Jumps 80% In Top-Grossing Movies

In a recent report, there has been an 80% increase of tobacco incidents in top grossing movies between 2015 and 2016. Public health officials are raising concerns that this could have an effect on the behaviour of young people’s smoking habits. This could also determine the behaviour of other adults who are trying to quit smoking as it promotes smoking in a glamorised way. Furthermore, it’s concern as the movies are a place ex-smokers go as it’s a place where you can’t smoke, so it could influence them too.

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Third Hand Smoke

You might be the kind of person to very much aware the causes of 2nd hand smoke.  You may decide to wave the smoke away and move away from it and think to yourself that you’re away from the toxic smoke. Except you’re not. You may be in another part of someone’s home but you’re now entering the area of thirdhand smoking.

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